全国青年领导柜 - Civil Rights Mission


全国青年领导柜 - Civil Rights Mission - Group Photo在二月初, 全国青年领导柜 (nylc)注意到85名成员的 chevra 从27个联邦共同体伯明翰为他们的第一次国内的使命 - 今年以来, 公民权利的使命。 Three NYLC members from Los Angeles represented our Federation. The trip started at Brown Chapel AME Church in Selma, where the civil rights activists gathered in 1965 to march to the state capital in Montgomery, protesting segregation and demanding the right to vote. The group then visited the Rosa Parks Museum and the Equal Justice Initiative Legacy Museum & Memorial, also in Montgomery. The following day, the group toured Selma and crossed the Edmund Pettus Bridge — the site of “Bloody Sunday,” a key flashpoint in the fight for racial equality and, several weeks later, a peaceful march from Selma to Montgomery that inspired the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and MLK’s rousing speech, “How Long, Not Long.” Cabinet walked across the Bridge, through the footsteps of history, remembering that 54 years ago, those fighting for equality in the spirit of non-violence were met on the other side by state troopers armed with batons and tear gas. More than 25,000 people stood by Martin Luther King, where he urged the protesters to have patience, because “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel described the experience: “For many of us, the march from Selma to Montgomery was about protest and prayer. Legs are not lips, and walking is not kneeling. And yet our legs uttered songs. Even without woRDs, our march was worship. I felt my legs were praying.”

全国青年领导柜 - Civil Rights Mission - Marching Across 阿拉巴马 River

该集团拥有众多的会晤巨头在社会上很高兴,包括 乔安妮·布兰的,联合创始人 国家选举权博物馆 活跃在从她的童年民权运动,在她的塞尔玛的故乡。她目睹的埃德蒙·佩特斯桥血腥星期日和她11岁的生日作为她的行动的结果之前被逮捕13次。为安息日,使命回到了伯明翰,并与寺庙贝丝EL社区服务,并致力于南部的犹太体验晚餐加盟。行程还包括自由公园一​​游,16街浸信会教堂,民权机构和MT。迦南全备福音教会。

这一使命 - 其中包括内阁校友和家庭成员除了当前 chevra - 点燃了我们的良知和从事我们的价值观作为犹太领袖。它打开了我们的眼睛,我们知道,但现在在一个更深层次的认识历史的一个篇章。作为内阁成员回到我们的联邦共同体,我们带来了更清晰的眼睛和我们的承诺是一个“光作列国”,并与其他人谁分享我们的价值观带来正义,和平,和愈合的极化世界加盟的认识。提醒我们,对变化的,即使一个小步有差别,并且我们要像星星照亮世界只要有黑暗。并且,作为MLK说,“有了这个信念,我们就能劈出绝望之山希望之石的了。”

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